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Wholesale Yoghurt

We have delivered yoghurts and fresh dairy products to London, Sussex, Surrey and parts of Kent since 1992. The West Horsley Dairy operates 40 delivery rounds throughout the South East of England which is fully chill-chain compliant, meaning only the freshest produce is delivered to your door. We offer a number of wholesale yoghurt products including Greek style yoghurt, as well as organic, natural and fruit yoghurts. Our robust supply and delivery chain has lead us to become a leading bulk yoghurt supplier in London. Our service area extends to the wider South East area, including London, Sussex, Surrey, parts of Kent, and Hampshire.

Muller (trays of 12)
Fruit Corners
Crunch Corners
Thick & Creamy
Small Lights
Healthy Balance
Turners Fruit Yoghurts 125g, 2kg, 4.5kg
Black Cherry
Peach Melba
Golden Acre
Thick and Creamy
Fat Free Fruit Yogurt 100g
Northiam Dairy Glass Jar Yogurts 125g
Forest Fruits
Organic Dairy Free Natural Coconut Milk Yogurt 1kg
7 x 65ml
Light 7 x 65ml
200g Greek Yogurt
2kg Compsey
5kg Rainy Lane
5kg Tims Greek Yoghurt
5kg Tims Light Greek Yoghurt
5kg Tims Fat Free Greek Yoghurt
Fage Total 0% 170gm
Alpro Soya
Alpro Soya Cherry & Blueberry 4 x 125g
Alpro Soya Exotic & Peach 4 x 125g
Alpro Soya Raspberry & Blackberry 4 x 125g
Alpro Milk Chocolate Dessert 4 x 125g
Alpro Caramel Dessert 4 x 125g
Alpro Dark Chocolate Dessert 4 x 125g
Alpro Soya Coconut 500g
Alpro Vanilla Dessert 4 x 125g
Alpro Soya Natural with Yogurt Cultures 500g
Alpro Soya Fruit No Bits 4 x 125g
125g Turners
2kg Low Fat
4.5kg Low Fat
1kg Arla Skyr
Original 8 x 100ml
Strawberry 8x 100ml

Place your order online

To save you from having to call us about your yoghurt supply needs, just complete this simple form with your name, preferred email address, an optional phone number and a brief message detailing your enquiry, or list any yoghurts that you want to order and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can. Alternatively, if you prefer to talk on the phone you can call us on 01483 725000.