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Vegan Food & Dairy Products

Milk Products
Almond Milk 1 Litre
Almond Dark Chocolate 1 Litre
Almond Milk Unsweetened 1 Litre
Cashew 1 Litre
Coconut Milk 1 Litre
Coconut Milk Alpro Professional 1 Litre
Coconut & Almond 1 Litre
Oat Milk 1 litre
Rice Milk 1 Litre
Soya Milk 1 Litre
Soya Milk (Sweetened) 1 Litre
Soya Milk Organic 1 Litre
Soya Milk Alpro Professional 1 Litre
Individual Specialist Flavoured Milks
Alpro Chocolate 15x250ml
Alpro Strawberry 15x250ml
Alpro Vanilla 15x250ml
Alpro Dairy Free Single Cream 250ml
200gm Vegan Whipping Cream 200gm
Alpro Dairy Free Custard 525g
Sunflower Spread Dishes 100 x Size 10
Soft Spread 2kg
Sunflower Spread Tub 2kg
Pure Dairyfree Sunflower Spread 500g
Margarine Blocks
Margarine Block 1x250g
Violife 100% Vegan Cheese Range
Vegan Cheese Block 200g
Vegan Cheese Slices 200g
Vegan Original Grated Cheese 200g
Vegan Mediterranean Style 200g
Vegan Mozzarella Style 200g
Vegan Parmesan Style 150g
Vegan Pizza Style 200g
Vegan Soft Cream Cheese 200g
Yoghurts & Desserts
Alpro Soya Products
Alpro Soya Cherry & Blueberry 4 x 125g
Alpro Soya Exotic & Peach 4 x 125g
Alpro Soya Raspberry & Blackberry 4 x 125g
Alpro Soya Fruit No Bits 4 x 125g
Alpro Milk Chocolate Dessert 4 x 125g
Alpro Caramel Dessert 4 x 125g
Alpro Dark Chocolate Dessert 4 x 125g
Alpro Vanilla Dessert 4 x 125g
Alpro Soya Natural with Yogurt Cultures 500g
Koyo Coconut Yogurt 1kg
Sausage Rolls
Frozen vegan Sausage Rolls 40 x 140g
Frozen Vegan Buffet Sausage Rolls 50 x 48g
Frozen Savoury Bake 30 x 185g
Horseradish Sauce 2.27 litre
Sweet Chilli Sauce 1 litre
Mango & Passion Fruit 6 x 250ml
Red Berry 6 x 250ml
Strawberry 6 x 250ml
Chutneys, Relishes & Quince Jelly
Onion & Balsamic Chutney 275g
Picalilli 265g
Ploughmans Pickle 265g
Real Ale Chutney 275g
Spiced Tomato Relish 275g
Apple & Sultana Chutney 1.3kg
Onion & Balsamic Vinegar Chutney 1.3kg
Pear & Apple Chutney 1.3kg
Real Ale Chutney 1.3kg
Spicy Tomato Relish 1.3kg
Quince Jelly 800g
Red Onion Chutney 2.5kg
Tomato Chutney 2.5kg
Mango Chutney 2.5kg
Salsa Chutney 2.5kg
Caramelised Onion Chutney 2.5kg
Mediterranean Vegetables in Sunflower Oil / Olives
Grilled Artichoke Quarters 1kg
Grilled Mixed Vegetables 1kg
Grilled Peppers 1kg
Pitted Black Olives 950g
Pitted Green Olives 1kg
Semi Dried Tomatoes 1kg
Sun Dried Tomatoes 1kg
Pesto/ Houmous & Dips
Houmous 1kg
Beetroot Houmous 1kg
Jalapeno Houmous 1kg
Red Pepper Houmous 1kg
Seaweed Houmous 1kg
Nut Free Green Pesto 1kg
Nut Free Red Pesto 1kg
Baba Ganoush 1kg
Purees & Coulis
Blueberry Puree 1kg
Mango Puree 1kg
Passion Fruit Puree 1kg
Raspberry Puree 1kg
Strawberry Puree 1kg
Apricot Coulis 250g
Raspberry Coulis 250g
Strawberry Coulis 250g
Speciality Frozen Bread
White Cottage Loaf 40 x 130gm
White Cottage Roll 40 x 130gm
Multigrain Cottage Roll 40 x 130gm
White Bap Large 40 x 120gm
Cranberry Pan Rustic 40 x 100gm
Round Ciabatta Roll 40 x 100gm
Rosemary Focaccia Roll 40 x 100gm
Light Rye Bread 18 x 290gm
Mediterranean Tomato Bread 8 x 600gm
Mediterranean Olive Bread 8 x 600gm
Mini White Tin Loaf 48 x 55gm
Mini Multigrain Tin Loaf 48 x 55gm
Sandwich Fillings
Roasted Vegetable 1kg
5 litre Vegan Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise 1 litre
Garlic Mayonnaise 1 litre
Yoghurt & Mint Mayonnaise 1 litre
Coronation Filling 1kg
Pulled Jackfruit (Korean BBQ) 1kg

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