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Pantry - Catering Food Supplier

Are you looking for a reliable catering food supplier? West Horsley Dairy has been delivering wholesale pantry food and catering supplies across London, Sussex, Surrey and parts of Kent since 1992. We supply food and catering supplies to many different types of businesses, including pubs, hotels, restaurants and many others within the catering industry and beyond.

Our robust delivery chain has lead us to become a leading wholesale catering food supplier in London. Our pantry produce includes sandwich fillers, cereal bars, dry goods, vegetables, condiments, and protein pouches. Our service area extends to the wider South East area, including London, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, and parts of Kent. Our fleet of delivery vehicles are fully chill-chain compliant, which means only the freshest wholesale food is delivered to your door. We currently operate 40 delivery rounds on a daily basis (Monday to Saturday). We offer a next day delivery service, which is available until 11pm.

Meat Products
Back Bacon 2.27kg
Sliced Beef 1kg
Sliced Chorizo 500g
Sliced Turkey 500g
Sliced Gammon Ham 500g
Corned Beef Tin (340g)
Unsmoked Bacon 450g
Salami Milano 250g
Prosciutto Crudo Sliced 250g
Sandwich Fillers
Coronation Chicken 1kg
Chicken Tikka 1kg
Chicken & Bacon 1kg
Cheese & Onion 1kg
Egg Mayonnaise 1kg
Jamaican Chicken 1kg
Peri Peri Chicken 1kg
Tuna & Sweetcorn 1kg
Chicken Mayonnaise 1kg
Tuna mayonnaise 1kg
Crab Flake mayonnaise 1kg
Dried Pasta
Spaghetti 3kg
Penne Rigate 3kg
Macaroni 3kg
Lasagne 500g
Fusilli 3kg
Purees / Coulis
Ponthier Mango Puree 1kg
Passion Fruit Puree 1kg
Raspberry Puree 1kg
Strawberry Puree 1kg
Blueberry Puree 1kg
Chutneys & Jams
Caramelised Onion Chutney - 2.5kg
Assorted Jam Portions x 120
Marmalade 3kg
Luxury Assorted Flapjacks x 30
Jacobs Cheese Biscuit Selection
Arborio Rice 1kg
Basmati Easy Cook Rice 5kg
Long Grain Easy Cook Rice 5kg
Ramonas Kitchen range
Houmous 1kg
Red Pepper Houmous 1kg
Beetroot Houmous 1kg
Dry Goods
Apricot Halves 2.6kg
Baked Beans 2.7kg
Baked Beans 800g
Chick Peas 800g
Chopped Tomatoes 800g
Chopped Tomatoes 2.6kg
Fruit Cocktail 2.6kg
Jam Portions
Marmalade Portions
Mushy Peas 2.6kg
Peach Slices 2.5kg
Pear Halves 2.6kg
Pineapple Slices 3kg
Plum Tomatoes 2.55kg
Prunes 2.5kg
Red Kidney Beans 400g
Solid Pack Apples 2.5kg
Sweetcorn 320g
Tomato Ketchup 4.5kg
Tomato Puree 800g
Tuna 400g & 1.8kg
Potato Products
Chill Chips 10kg
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 litres
Rapeseed Oil 2 x 10 litres
Cooking Oil 2 x 10 litres
Mediterranean Vegetables
Grilled Artichoke Quarters 1kg
Pitted Black Olives 950g
Pitted Green Olives 1kg
Sun Dried Tomatoes 1kg
Semi Dried Tomatoes 1kg
Finest Green Pesto 1kg
Nut Free Red Pesto 1kg
5 Litre Vegan Mayonnaise
Light Mayonnaise
5 Litre Free Range

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To save you from having to call us about your catering food supplier needs, just complete this simple form with your name, preferred email address, an optional phone number and a brief message detailing your enquiry, or list any pantry products that you want to order and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can. Alternatively, if you prefer to talk on the phone you can call us on 01483 725000.