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Cheese Supplier to South East England

As a family run business of cheese suppliers based in the South of England, we aim to source as many of our specialist cheeses as possible from this area. We currently stock a large selection of cheeses that are produced in the home counties.

We have built up a wealth of knowledge and can provide customers with descriptions for all our locally produced cheeses to help them with their menus or for the design of cheese wedding cakes. We actively look to identify new producers and cheeses as well as sourcing cheeses that our customers request.

We have an extensive continental cheese range including the core ranges such as mozzarella, feta, brie and chevre logs and also work with a co –operative based in Normandy to provide a range of premium French cheeses.

Our cheese products are sold by the weight, unless it comes in a pre-packed set block (usually 250g - 500g).

Block Cheese
Mild Cheddar 200g
Mild Cheddar 2.5kg
Mild Cheddar 5kg
Mature Cheddar 200g
Mature Cheddar 2.5kg
Mature Cheddar 5kg
Maryland Mature Cheddar 5kg
1833 Vintage Mature Cheddar 1.25kg
Double Gloucester 2.5kg
Mexicana 1.5kg
Monterey Jack 1.5kg
Mozzarella Hard 2.3kg
Paneer 225g
Red Leicester 200g
Red Leicester 2.5kg
Saxon Cross Smoked Cheddar 1kg
Wensleydale 2.5kg
Cheese Portions
Bel Paese 24 x 25g
Camembert 8 x 30g
Laughing Cow 80 x 17.5g
Mixed Cheese Portions 40 x 20g
Mini Babybel 6 x 20g
Mini Babybel 96 x 20g
Philadelphia Portions 24 x 16g
Castello Snack Packs 8 x 20g
Continental Cheese
Halloumi 220g
Danish Blue Wedge 100g
Boursin 150g
Brie 1kg
Camembert 250g
Crottin 12 x 60g
Goats Cheese Log 1kg
Livarot 500g
Port Salut 150g
Port Salut 2kg
Reblochon 240g
Roquefort 1.5kg
Epoisse 1kg
Chaource 300g
Cambozola (to order) 2.3kg
Smoked Log 454g
Feta 200g
Feta 900g
Edam Ball 2kg
Boccocino 8 - 10g 1kg
Dolcelatte 1.5kg
Gorgonzola 1.5kg
Grana Padano 2kg
Mozzarella Ball (Cows Milk) 125g
Mozzarella Ball (Buffalo Milk) 200g
Mozzarella Block 1kg
Mozzarella Block (Galbani) 1kg
Not Just a Pasta Cheese 150g
Not Just a Pasta Cheese 600g
Pecorino 3kg
Reggiano Parmesan 2kg
Ricotta 1.5kg
Taleggio 2.2kg
Ricotta 1.8kg
Parmesan Shaved 500g
Manchego 3kg
Grated & Shaved Cheese
Grated Cheese 2kg
Grated Mature Cheddar 2kg
Grated Italian Style Cheese 1kg
Grated Mozzarella 2kg
Shaved Padano 500g
Fresh Grated Grana Padano Strands 1kg
Sliced Cheese
Burger Slices (112) 1.4kg
Cheddar 50 x 20g
Cheddar Slices Mature 20g 50 x 20g
Emmental 50 x 20g
Monterey Jack Slices 50 x 20g
Mozzarella Slices 50 x 20g
Red Leicester Slices 50 x 20g
Soft Cheese
Cottage Cheese 2kg
Cottage Cheese 227g
Low Fat Cream Cheese 2kg
Cream Cheese 2kg
Croxton Manor Cream Cheese 1.5kg
Mascarpone 1kg
Mascarpone 500g
Philadelphia 1.65kg
Philadelphia 200g
Speciality British & Irish Cheese
Applewood 1.5kg
Cornish Yarg 1kg
Lyburn Gold 2.5kg
Mayfield 1kg
Oakwood Smoked 200g
Olde Sussex 2.2kg
Old Winchester 2.5kg
Quickes Farmhouse Cheddar 1kg
Scrumpy Sussex 2.2kg
Smoked Ashdown Forester 1kg
St Giles 750g
Stoney Cross 2.5kg
Sussex Charmer 200g
Sussex Charmer 500g
Sussex Marble 850g
Wensleydale & Cranberry 1.1kg
Winchester 2.5kg
Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar 600g
Montgomery Cheddar 1kg
Ashmore Cheddar 1kg
Tickler Extra Mature 350g
Brighton Blue 850g
Cornish Blue 1kg
Isle of Wight Blue 200g
Oxford Baby Blue 250g
Oxford Blue 2.5kg
Stilton Wedge 160g
Stilton Quarter 2kg
Sussex Blue 2.5kg
College White 300g
Isle of Wight Soft 180g
Lord London 500g
Sussex Brie 250g
Sussex Camembert (White Velvet) 1kg
Tunworth 250g
Waterloo 450g
West Country Brie 1kg
Boilie Goats Cheese Balls 1kg
Rosary Log Plain 275g
Rosary Log Plain 1kg
Rosary Ash Log 275g
Rosary Garlic & Herb Log 275g
Sister Sarah 1kg
Duddleswell 750g
Little Sussex 80g
Lord of the Hundreds 2.2kg
Sussex Slipcote 100g
Wigmore 400g
Washed Rind
Brother Michael 750g
Celtic Promise 500g
Oxford Isis 200g
Stinking Bishop (To Order) 1.8kg
Tornegus 850g
Lactose Free Cheese
Lactose Free Mature Cheddar 200g
Lactose Free Mild Cheddar 200g

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