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Wholesale Bread Supplier

We have been a leading wholesale bread supplier since 1992, and our fleet of chilled food delivery vans now operate 40 rounds across London, Sussex, Surrey, Kent and throughout the South East. Next day delivery is available on bread products, although fresh and speciality bread need to be ordered by 12 noon to ensure we can fulfil the order. We have various types of bread available including Wholemeal, Granary, Ciabatta and many more. Please contact us if you want more information about a specific product or wish to enquire about a product not listed below.

Bread Sliced
Medium White
Thick White
Medium Wholemeal
Thick Wholemeal
Thick Granary
Best of Both Medium
Best of Both Thick
Medium White
Thick White
Medium Wholemeal
Thick Wholemeal
50/50 Medium
50/50 Thick
Gluten Free
Sough Dough Loaf Sliced
Italian Style Rolls x4
Burger Buns x5
Gluten Free Sour Dough Bagels x 5
Frozen Bread
Cranberry Pan Rustic 40 x 100g
Cottage Loaf Roll 40 x 130g
Cottage Loaf Roll M’Grain 40 x 130g
Mediterranean Selection 5 x 15 x 55g
White Large Bap 40 x 120g
Multigrain Large Bap 40 x 120g
Mediterranean Tomato Bread 8 x 600g
Mediterranean Olive Bread 8 x 600g
Round Ciabatta Roll 40 x 100g
Rosemary Focaccia Roll 40 x 100g
Mini Brioche Sliders 60 x 20g
Mini White Tin Loaf 48 x 55g
Mini Multigrain Ton Loaf 48 x 55g
White Artisan Stone Oven Lusitanian Baguette 28 x 280g
Fully Bakes Ciabata 70 x 120g
Mixed Portuguese Cakes x48

Place your order online

To save you from having to call us about your bread supply needs, just complete this simple form with your name, preferred email address, an optional phone number and a brief message detailing your enquiry, or list any bread products that you want to order and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can. Alternatively, if you prefer to talk on the phone you can call us on 01483 725000.