Look out for our brand new Eco Hybrid Vehicle

15th January 2015

West Horsley Dairy Eco Hybrid vehicle

Part of our commitment to quality service is also to take our environmental commitments very seriously. As well as backhauling from some of our smaller South of England producers we have just taken delivery of our first Mitsibushi Canter Duonic Eco Hybrid delivery vehicle. The engine is a Diesel, Electric Hybrid, whilst the fridge is cooled using revolutionary engineered frozen gel tube and plate technology rather than being cooled by the engine. This will be the cleanest food service hybrid lorry working in London using an expected 40% less fuel than conventional lorries and is the first of it’s type in the world using this combination of technology.

We are extremely proud to be pioneering this new technology and hope our customers in London will enjoy looking out for our very own green machine from August.

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