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Marshwood Farm Crème Fraiche 2Kg Now in Stock
Marshwood Farm Crème Fraiche 2Kg Now in Stock

Made From UK Sourced Milk & Cultures
Fresh Distinctive Taste
Tangy, Velvety & Smooth
Perfect for Hot or Cold, Sweet or Savoury

Two Great New Vegan Products
Two Great New Vegan Products Coming This Week

Code V223 - Mayonnaise (Vegan) - 5 litre
Code V45 - Whipping (Vegan) Cream Aerosol - 200gm

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Two Great New Locally Produced Cheeses

We support the British Farmers & Producers, buy local!

Seven Sisters Cheese

Named after the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs in East Sussex, High Weald Dairy’s most recent cheese is a semi-soft matured sheep milk cheese, coated in a layer of Hebridean seaweed. As well as looking interesting, Seven Sisters has a light nuttiness to it and the seaweed coat makes it very difficult to resist.

Sussex Slipcote with dill

Sussex Slipcote with dill is a fresh soft cheese made with organic sheep milk, and has a light, creamy, fluffy texture and a slightly sharp refreshing flavour. This variety is flavoured with dill and is a small 100g “button”.